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The Importance of Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used man made product, second only to water in consumption. Worldwide concrete production is 6 billion tons per year (more than 1 ton per person). The wide use of concrete is because concrete or cementations base products are the most versatile and the most effective construction materials.

Concrete is dominant in many niche markets; water and sewer pipe systems-maintenance and repair works-specialized construction like tunnels, silos, containment structures, offshore structures.

In addition to versatility, concrete offers strength, beauty and in most instances exceeds its design life by 50 to 100 years. With all these attributes, unlike other construction materials, all the players in the concrete process affect concrete performance. And any one of the following individuals can negatively affect performance or durability of the material.

General Plant Description


The manufacturing process from the proposed plants is by computer.

The batching operation is controlled by P.D.S. microprocessors providing weighing and mixing control as well as a memory for mix designs making the whole process completely automatic with manual override facility in the event of malfunction.

Cement is fed from the external silos by means of screws into a weighing hopper where it is weighed to an accuracy of 2% (two percent). The cement is held in the hopper until all concrete constituents are weighed.

Each plant has its own overhead aggregate bins with a total capacity of 30 m3. In addition to the overhead storage bins, bulk storage of aggregates is kept in separate sizes, within purpose made shaded storage bays located near the plant (total volume approx. 1,800m3). The loading of aggregate into the plant will be by means of a loading shovel feeding the separate materials. Aggregates are measured by weight from the overhead storage bins, which contain separately each of the required sizes of material. The accuracy of the weights will be set to 2% (two percent).

At the end of 2011 BCL replaced the old Elba batching plant by a new Stetter Schwing. The latter demonstrated an excellent performance: 3.5m3/batch, 132m3/hr discharged compared to theoretical capacity of 160m3/hr. the new batching plant is equipped with most recent technological features such as Microsilica and crushed ice weighers. The Microsilica is used to provide concrete with higher strength and durability while ice is used to control the concrete temperature which is essential factor for pouring concrete during summer.

BCL is the sole Ready mix supplier to have included at its plant facilities a 3 stage electrical sand screen in order to improve the quality of the sand used in the production of concrete.



In general, all water for concrete is produced from artesian wells. Water shall be of good quality, potable and in accordance with the relevant ACI & ASTM standards.

Water will be stored into purpose made water tanks – painted while to help keep the temperature down.



Admixtures are supplied in liquid form and are delivered in bulk and stored in purpose made storage tanks. Admixtures will be dispensed through purpose made automatic dispensers and are metered to an accuracy of 3%.

Admixture usage will be as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.



BCL uses exclusively type P 42.5 and P 52.5 BTNa RMS produced by “La Cimenterie Nationale S.A.L.” in the production of its concrete.

This cement conforms to several international norms such as:




It is also certified ISO 9001: 2000 since June 2001.



BCL select its aggregates carefully and in compliance with ASTM and ACI requirements to be used for the production of the concrete.

All aggregates are carefully tested on daily, weekly and monthly basis for compliance and changes in the physical or chemical properties of the aggregate is noted and the mixes are adjusted accordingly to maintain the highest quality of the final product.

BCL Group owns a 25 years license to operate its well surveyed and well equipped Quarry at Dahr El Baydar. The quarry is now leased to an external

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The cement used by BCL
is certified ISO 9001: 2000
since June 2001.

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