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Concrete technologies

BCL s.a.l. guarantees, through the technical support of its laboratories, the strength of the ready mix concrete as per the client specifications.

BCL s.a.l. is one of the few companies in Lebanon that has the ability to design, produce and verify self-compacting concrete (SCC). SCC arrived as a revolution in the field of concrete technology, an innovative concept which has proved to be viable and friendly in modern day construction activities, for the following reasons:


• Faster construction

• Better surface finishes

• Improved durability factor

• Safer work environment

• Less pollution

• Less manpower on site

• Easier placing

• Reduced noise level due to absence of vibration

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The cement used by BCL
is certified ISO 9001: 2000
since June 2001.

Chart of Yearly Production


Company Manpower

Administration Laboratory Batching Plant Workshop Transportation Guards Total Company Employees

Transportation Fleet

Company Cars 6
Transit Mixers 31
Mobile Pumps 7
Fixed Pumps 6
Loaders 3