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Quality control system

To supplement the automated manufacturing process, concrete technicians are available to regularly check and monitor the consistency and workability of concrete both on site and at the plant. In addition to these duties, they will be supervising the making of cylinders and slump tests in accordance with ASTM, ACI and other international standard as requested by the consultant and other governing bodies.


Quality assurance policy statement

In line with our commitment to provide customers with quality concrete, all of BCL ready mix’s staff have been trained to abide by the most stringent industry standards, to exercise strict control over the manufacturing process and to remain alert to all external factors that may affect the quality of the final product.

All of BCL drivers have strict instructions not to add or allow the addition of any ingredient to the mix on site without the written request of the site engineer and the approval of the technical manager.

BCL staff, with the directives of the technical manager is engaged in identifying customers’ needs, producing and delivering qualitative final product exceeding client’s requirements.

Melhem Dagher

General Manager

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The cement used by BCL
is certified ISO 9001: 2000
since June 2001.

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